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The Only Forex Trading Course You'll Ever Need.

The Secrets of the Forex Market
WHY the market moves, WHEN the market moves & HOW to profit Consistently and EARN a Part or Full Time Income Trading from Home.


First lets talk about the owners of TTF, Yasser & Matt
When you scroll through Instagram and see traders, what do you normally see?

Unfortunately most accounts you come across show demo account profits, fake trade set-ups that are only shown AFTER the movement occurred and a complete lack of transparency. The truth is there are many wannabe traders out there trying to get you onto their signals, providing little to none high-calibre education and zero help and guidance on your journey.

Not Matt & Yasser though, after spending a combined 15 years working in London & Dubai for financial institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank, Morningstar Investment Management & St. James Place to name a few. They joined forces in 2018 to create The Trading Field, with the aim of providing full transparency & educating as many people as possible on how to trade the forex markets.

Trading has been their passion for over 14 years now and their sole source of income for over 4 years. So no matter what anybody says, you are in experienced hands.


Just like you, Yasser & Matt started their forex journey the same way with the same problems and complications every beginner has:

1. Following unprofitable signal services
2. Learning through free and basic education like babypips & youtube content.
3. Wasting valuable time and (too much) money trying to make it in the forex arena

After years of trading separately, losing hard-earned money and going round in vicious circles they met in Dubai in 2016 whilst working for a Financial Advisory firm. After discovering the similar passion and desire to succeed in the trading game they realised 2 heads were better than one and formulated a trading strategy together that allowed them both to escape the rat race and trade together full-time in 2017.

Fast forward to today, 2022, Yasser & Matt at The Trading Field now coach 1000's of aspiring traders worldwide from the United States all the way to New Zealand and everywhere in between with their top-rated course and mentorship programs.

Today, more than ever - our main aim & focus is to provide our members with ongoing support and guidance for life whilst delivering the best quality educational content.


What do our members have to say?

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  • Includes chat room alongside our PREMIUM signals

  • Live Weekly Webinars (with questions)

  • Paid for referrals

  • Access to world-wide meetups

  • 24/7 Support & Guidance

ONE-TIME FEE £299.99
MONTHLY £49.99

*monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time but you will lose access to TTF's monthly services


  • Includes chat room alongside our PREMIUM signals

  • Paid for referrals

  • Access to world-wide meetups

  • 24/7 Support & Guidance

ONE-TIME FEE £499.99
MONTHLY £64.99

*monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time but you will lose access to TTF's monthly services

Scattered Coins



Yasser & Matt have spent hundreds of hours researching the importance of blockchain technology that is rapidly shaping our future and are amongst the early investors in the cryptocurrency space. Having been invested since 2016, they have developed invaluable knowledge along the way which they are excited to share with you!

Having experienced the real highs and lows of this market, they're here to guide you on your crypto journey helping you to avoid the mistakes made by 90% of retail traders whilst sharing tips on how to maximise your profits.

Become part of the TTF Crypto Community TODAY!

What does it include?

  • Lifetime access to the TTF Crypto Course

  • TTF's Signature Short-Term Portfolio Strategy

  • Profiting even during sideways and bear markets

  • TOP PICKS including regular coin and token research 

  • Deadly mistakes to avoid

  • Long term portfolio selections & favoured coins

  • Advanced crypto technical analysis basics

  • Valuable Buying and Selling Zones

  • Profit-taking strategies

  • Access to TTF Crypto Community Group

ONE-TIME FEE £199.99
MONTHLY £39.99

*monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time but you will lose access to TTF's monthly services

TTF Packages

Our educational packages are designed to teach anyone - from the absolute beginner learning how to trade, through to those with advanced knowledge on the markets that need to sharpen their skillset or learn the profitable strategies of The Trading Field.

Unlike any other company, we realise the importance of
one-to-one mentorship and ongoing support to compliment our courses.

Everything we offer is designed to accelerate the learning process in aiding our students towards becoming
self-sufficient profitable traders.

Our Packages Explained

What progress are your members making?

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